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Welcome to Sunny Daze!

We're a boutique sunflower farm in Highlands, NC. specializing in the freshest and brightest in all the plateau. We're inspired to share our love for sunflowers and we'd like to share some with you.
Be part of the Sunny Daze Flower Co. family!

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About Tracy Mendy

Tracy Mendy has always had an eye for beauty—in people, in nature, and in life. For 20 years, she captured it through a camera lens as a fashion photographer in Miami, FL. The beauty of the models, the locations, and the clothing were brought into focus every day. But it’s in the simple and glorious sunflower that Tracy finds the most beauty, light and happiness. For her, it’s sunshine on a stem—and she’s spreading that sunshine with the sunflowers she grows in her small batch specialty garden at Sunny Daze Flower Co. in Highlands, NC.


Recognizing the unique power of sunflowers to brighten not just a room—but a person’s day, Tracy launched the Sharing Sunshine Project as a philanthropic arm of Sunny Daze in 2021. This program is dedicated to making plateau communities more beautiful in every way. Projects have included delivering sunshine and sunflowers to every resident in a local nursing home and supporting the
Cashiers Historical Society.


Love makes the world go around. And, through the happiness and love delivered by her sunflowers, Tracy is playing her part in making sure the world continues to spin.

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